You've just connected to the largest collection of authentic, black & white 1950's-style ad cuts on the planet! Over 1,800 hi-rez bitmap images on one CDRom for only $179.

This collection represents a culmination of a whole year of relentless toil by a small, but dedicated group of people here at Ad Graphics, who have gone beyond the call of duty to make this wonderful artwork available to you, the public!

  Unlike other "50s" art collections, which feature mainly separate clipart images, this archive contains over 1300 complete ad layouts; every one of them totally generic (not specific to any particular company) and each containing both text and illustrations.

As well, our collection contains over 300 authentic corporate logos of major companies, and over 250 high-quality clipart images, all dating from the '50s era.
Each authentic image has been painstakingly scanned, cleaned and restored as close as possible to it's original state. This was a monumental task, to say the least, as the great majority of these images were in deplorable condition when we acquired them. Throughout this entire collection we have endeavored to maintain the highest possible standards with our retouching , thus providing you with a professional-quality product you can use in any application.  

None of our images appear in any of the other 1950's art collections, nor in any of the massive 'general clipart' collections available on the market.

We haven't had to 'beef up' our collection with questionable 'filler', (such as images which are not genuine retro art) in order to make the collection 'appear' larger. Each and every one of our 1,865 images is an authentic ad cut from the '30s, '40s & '50s.

you will receive the RetroAdArt CDRom and Jewel Case, along with a beautiful 7"x9", 124-page print catalog. Take a look!

IMPORTANT: All the images on this CDRom are READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE! When you purchase this CDRom, it is not necessary to order images one by one as you need them; these are the final hi-rez images.