Well here it is folks! For $179 you will receive the Retro Ad Art CDRom as well as this beautiful 7"x9", 124-page print catalog pictured here. A Kudo browser allows you to view the images on screen and instantly place them into your graphics program.  
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Q. Why pay $179 for this collection when there is so much free or low-cost clipart available on the net today?

A. Authentic 50's style advertising imagery is in big demand these days, however actual collections of the artwork are rare. Remember, we can churn out piles of modern-style clipart by the busload (that's why it's so cheap), but we can never again return to that frame of mind we were in 50 years ago when all this wonderful art was created. It's in limited supply because it simply cannot be recreated nor imitated.

There are only 3 other major sources of '50s artwork (besides ourselves) who had already established a pricing standard for this type of imagery even before we appeared on the market. The fact is, we have actually priced our product substantially less then our competitors. (1,864 images for $179 works out to about 10 cents per image.)

It's important for the consumer to know that the rare '50s art collection that he or she has just paid good money for is not being distributed cheaply, thus it remains exclusive, as it should.

Finally, there's nothing like the convenience of having this entire collection at your fingertips on one CDRom (complete with an online browser), as well as the print catalog. You will enjoy countless hours of browsing through this very deep and rich collection.

Editor's note: Even though we've been scrutinizing and retouching this artwork for well over a year ourselves, we are still amazed that we continually find wonderful images within the collection that we didn't even recall were there!